Sex And Relationships Therapy (SRT)

Our sexual relationships are personal: How often we have sex, when and what we do is individual to us or our relationship(s). If you enjoy what you do and it’s not harming anyone else, then it’s your choice.

However sometimes couples and individuals experience sexual difficulties and those might be associated with: wanting or having sex; life events such as ageing, accidents, illness or having children; lack of information or education on our sexual physiology; medical conditions, and for many more reasons.

Some of the main issues we deal with are:

  • Lack of desire or mis-matching desire
  • Erectile problems including erectile dysfunction
  • Delayed ejaculation
  • Painful sex (vulval or penile)
  • Orgasm difficulties
  • Illness, disability or ageing process
  • Sexual trauma
  • Sexual orientation
  • Some sexual addictions, including porn

If your sexual relationship isn’t giving you the pleasure or satisfaction it once did (or if it never has), or if you have stopped having sex and don’t know how to reclaim that part of your relationship, you may find talking to a Sex Therapist helpful.

Sex and Relationship Therapy can be very successful for many couples who are experiencing sexual difficulties, providing they have a strong and robust relationship and can ideally attend the sessions together. You do not have to be married or civil partnered and in some cases, we can also offer help to individuals.

What Happens At SRT?

A Sex Therapist will meet you for an Initial Assessment to hear a bit about your difficulty and whether it’s something they can work with. If Sex Therapy is likely to meet your current needs, the Sex Therapist will initially meet each person individually – this is to take a full history and this often takes more than one session.

These History-Taking sessions are usually double appointments, so two hours long. When the Therapist has completed each person’s History-Taking and looked at each person’s information holistically, they will meet you as a couple to discuss a Formulation they put together, which includes a Treatment Plan that is designed to help with your particular difficulty. A two-hour appointment is usually needed for this appointment too.

A Treatment Plan simply includes ways to make changes to your current situation. You won’t have to do anything in front of the Therapist or anyone else but there will be homework at each session for you and your partner do between each session. During the Treatment stage, although the Therapist will set aside a one-hour appointment, often clients only require 20 -30 minutes appointments.

How Much Will It Cost?

Relationships Scotland – Counselling Highland is an independent non profit making charity and although we receive grants from the Scottish Government and Highland Council we also rely on client contributions to provide our service. The initial consultation has a flat fee of £20. Client contributions for the counselling itself are dependent on income and will be discussed at the first consultation.

How Long Will It Take?

It depends on your situation and the problems you’re experiencing. Your therapist will discuss that with you. As with any Therapy session, there are no guarantees but if nothing changes, nothing changes.

If you think sex therapy might be able to help you, phone 01463 712888 or email and ask to make an appointment to see a sex therapist. All calls are treated discretely and in complete confidence.