Relationship counselling can help you to work through problems in current relationships, explore the effects of past relationships or look at how to improve and enrich relationships for the future.

Our qualified counsellors work with individuals as well as couples across a wide range of difficulties – from difficult communication to dealing with affairs, from sexual problems to dealing with the end of a relationship. By talking to a counsellor you work together to aim to achieve a better understanding of your relationship and the outcome you wish to achieve whether it is to stay together, separate or divorce.

Counselling sessions are normally held weekly at the same time and with the same counsellor. The sessions last 50 minutes. During the initial session there is a period of information gathering and agreeing a contract between yourselves and the counsellor. All our relationship counsellors are also trained to help explore sexual difficulties.

Please contact us if you would like to make an enquiry or book a session.